OUT OF GARAGE - Alberto Chimenti Dezani

New weekly format #OutOfGarage starts today! A section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars.The first space is dedicated to @kime011 who tells us his story.
Apparently, I’ve always been fascinated with four wheels: I’ve been in the skateboarding game for 20 years now, and it looks like the same spark that ignited this passion a couple of decades ago worked it’s magic again a few years later, when I fell in love with the culture and the aesthetic of another kind of “toys for boys”…cars.
Personally, I see many similarities between these two worlds: besides the already mentioned cultures and aesthetics, I kind of felt the same adrenaline, strong sense of belonging, different distictive styles and an infinite dedication to the art and craft of your own thing. We’ll always be Kings of the Street, that’s why I always feel in my place whenever and wherever I’m shooting a skateboarder or a beautiful car.
Credits:Alberto Chimenti Dezani
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