#OutOfGarage, a section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars. Today with @amyshorephotography who tells us his story.
I grew up in a tiny English village in the countryside. Any time I wanted to go somewhere, one of my wonderful parents would have to give me a lift. So when I turned 17, driving was the only thing on my mind. The freedom that cars have given me over the years it’s something that still warms my heart. The idea of getting into a car with a full tank of fuel and an awesome playlist it’s something I think about at night and I’m trying to get to sleep, or when I’m on a crowded aeroplane flying to my next job. The memories of sitting behind the wheel of my Mini, road tripping on my own, as some of my most happiest and treasured. Cars have and always will be freedom to me. It’s just now, I found the people that I can share this love with.See the post.
Credits:Amy Shore
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