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#OutOfGarage, a section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars.
Today with @zlilosh_ who tells us his story:
Drawing inspiration from the legendary historic cars, I spent a lot of time chasing the ideal line. However, not the one you pursue going in full throttle through the apex but the perfect line dividing a form of personal transport from the work of art. Using a camera as a catalyst for this vision, I believe that a car’s beauty is not defined only by its form but also by its unique story and owner’s experience. Through my work, I tried to capture the passion behind the ownership, determination to preserve those glorious machines and show the cars from a unique perspective and in unusual settings. I like my photos to be intimate, honest, and memorable, just like the cars and the stories I collect along the way.
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Credits:Miloš Nikodijević
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