OUT OF GARAGE – Riccardo Tosi

#OutOfGarage, a section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars. Today with @rictosi / @pandiamo who tells us his story.
My interest in motors came before my memories can call themselves alike, cheered by a passionate father who thought me to appreciate the shapes and the history of industrial design.
Nonetheless, I never wished a car for its performance, instead, by its expressed shapes. At age 18, 30 years ago, I drove a Defender and a VW’s van, timeless and perfect shaped subcompact cars.
One of these, signed by a prestigious pen, was the Panda, since very short time truly came inside the skin with arrogance.
I was able to bring a convertible 4×4 in a garage and I’ve dedicated the page #pandiamo. Through the posted pictures I try to reveal the self-ironic side to own such a car, a sort of happy rebellion, although dressed by one of the greatest car designers of all the time.
For me, that’s a compelling combo.
See the post.
Credits:Riccardo Tosi
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