Imagine yourself in Milan, in the office, at the end of July. The scorching heat pervades the streets, making the air almost unbreathable. Enduring outdoors is a hard task, and the anticipation of the summer holidays is becoming more and more palpable.How to keep productivity high in the office? At Garage Italia Studio, we set up a challenge among the members of our design team, introducing an element of healthy competition to spice up the content of our August editorial plan.The concept that guided us in this challenge is the much-desired Out of Office alert, a hymn to creative freedom and the relaxation that awaits us. No more computers, no more emails, no more calls: it's time to give imagination a chance. Each team member took up the challenge with enthusiasm, dedicating themselves to the creation of content in complete freedom, without stylistic constraints or too specific briefs.
To make things even more exciting, you will decide the winner by voting for the artwork you like best.
So keep an eye on Garage Italia Studio's Instagram profile and let us know your favourite with likes and comments!
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