Tortona - Part 1This year we decided to take you with us to discover Fuorisalone Milano 2023, the event that best celebrates this city as a landmark of International Design."Future Laboratory" is the theme proposed for this edition, a theme that triggers thoughts regarding today's challenges.This first day we want to tell you about some of the points of attraction in the Tortona district that particularly impressed us and that we highly recommend you visit.
BASE MilanoBASE's beautiful spaces present various projects by a variety of designers from around the world and with no age restrictions, all under the slogan "We have an I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility)."At the entrance you will find a large immersive site-specific installation by artist Claire Fontaine, and then you can proceed to an exhibition of plural and inclusive design projects and reflection.
Plenitude + Be charge (Opificio 31)"Connections" is the generative artwork created for the event by Eni Plenitude + Be charge. An immersive installation in which you are called to interact with 4 technological elements that represent the company's pillars: Sustainability, Innovation, Future and Mobility.By placing your hands on them, you are entertained by a fascinating spectacle of visual art and sound design. The totem/charging stations are placed on four opposite poles creating a gathering area in the center that embraces the visitor.A quick tip: try to use them all at the same time.
IQOS (Opificio 31)Architect and designer Fabio Novembre with IQOS presents "Metropolis" an immersive installation to present 4 new patterns designed by Novembre Studio.And it is exactly with the term "Metropolis" that the IQOS ILUMA Prime become design objects protagonists of the city of the future populated by its community.
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