Tortona - Part 2For the second day of Fuorisalone Milano 2023, we’re back to the Tortona District to tell you about other main exhibitions of this event.This is to tell you about the "big ones" in the district and also to recommend what, in our opinion, you have to pay more attention.
Superstudio - Superdesign ShowAmong the many projects, all of the highest level, we highly recommend the Samsung exhibition hall where the design of the spaces is truly breathtaking and aligned with the concept of the exhibition (Inspiration, innovation,imagination). Here the showcase of some products in collaboration with Toiletpaper that speak of bespoke and sustainability.We then move to Lexus with "Shaped by Air", which tells us about transport and the future with an installation that plays on lights and leaf sculptures inspired by the Lexus Electrified Sport coupé. It then becomes a top assist for "YouPower" which tells about its innovative electric car charging system.Honorable mentions for Istituto Marangoni and Forum8, which gave us augmented reality experiences and more, so it's worth waiting in a queue.
Ikea - Assembling the future togetherIkea celebrates 80 years of the brand by showing us its most iconic products from the 1950s to the present day in a sort of time-travel, through high and long shelves, demonstrating how the Swedish company has been able to catch the needs of the time by changing the way we experience the home.Then speaking of the future, the brand approaches the viewer through a multisensory installation focused on the four natural elements in which we move away from the home scale to giving space to respect for the planet, which is fundamental to the design innovation of the future.
Peugeot - 9X8The French company presents the already well-known "9X8" hypercar with a new look. The immersive space at 15 Via Tortona hosts an exclusive livery designed by J. Demsky, a famous visual artist of Spanish origin. Strong digital imprint that both, the car and the event itself, are able to give back.
Yoox - The colour squadInside the frame of "La Torneria" at 32 Tortona Street , the art and fashion platform creates an incredible scenario around the freedom of expression through shapes and color.Inside you will be provided with markers and paints with which to give free rein to your imagination accompanied by the artists and creators who will succeed each other throughout the days.Let us know what you think on our socials and don't miss our day-by-day story on Garage Italia Studio's Instagram page.
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