Poster CollectionPanda

In 2021, with the success of crypto art, Garage Italia celebrates one of its top products with an NFT collection. Living 4x4 is a tribute to Fiat's iconic car, the Panda, which, characterised by versatility and boldness, is considered by many to be the ultimate utility car.

Because of these peculiarities, it is a car perfectly adaptable to every context and situation and able to embody the most common jobs of the bel paese, to celebrate and give homage to its Italian origins.
These include Carabiniere, one of the Italian police force, Pasticcere, to remember the many unique pastry specialities, and Sarto, to celebrated the history, refinement and quality of Italian fashion recognised around the world.

The story of this graphic project is now available on the Behance platform, where we will also show you the behind scenes of some of our work. The entire collection is not only NFT, but also a series of limited edition prints that can be acquired in our shop.
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