Pantone Stories: Blue Pozzi

What in slang is called Blu Pozzi, is a dark and intense nuance of blue, probably named after the Frenchman Charles Pozzi.
Those who have never heard of it don’t have to worry, now let’s review it together.
Born in Montmartre in 1909, Charles soon abandoned his university studies to jump headlong into the car sales business. In ’32 he was taken in Ford, but his hunger and business acumen led him to the luxury car market, which guaranteed him much more profits. At the end of the Second World War he started to work alongside his usual activities also as a private driver, founding a racing team, Lutetia, together with his friend Eugene Chaboud, also a driver.
Pozzi was mainly dedicated to endurance racing, also achieving some victories. In 1950 he had the opportunity to make his debut in Formula 1 at the French Grand Prix, not going beyond the sixth place, however. Eight years later he started to import Ferrari, becoming over the years the only importer in France.
In addition to this suggestion that leads to attribute to the French driver the paternity of the blue name Pozzi, it is thought that the blue has a particular relationship with France according to the International Racing Colors. The national colours used in motor racing are different from those of the respective flags, they are the equivalent of the football teams’ shirts. According to the system, which in many cases still occurs today, blue was associated to France, as well as green to the United Kingdom (here is British Green, Silverstone Green etc..) white (and later silver) to Germany (the silver arrows of Mercedes-Benz) and red to the Italian teams (see Ferrari and Alfa Romeo Racing Team).
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