Pantone Stories: Tiffany

Tiffany blue is one of the most iconic and recognizable colors ever. That unmistakable blue, technically a Pantone with PMS code 1837 (like the year the company was founded) has been and is yet the object of desire of many women.
Think that in some countries including the United States, this nuance, so fresh and sophisticated, is also a registered trademark. It was Charles Lewis Tiffany himself who wanted the boxes to be reserved only for those who made a purchase from Tiffany: “Tiffany has something in store that cannot be bought for any amount, but can only be received as a gift: one of its boxes.”Where does this blue come from? Always Charles Lewis Tiffany had selected this shade for the cover of the Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual catalog of strictly handmade jewelry.But what’s so special about this color? What feelings does it convey?
We know that a large part of the experience is filtered by the human eye, which transmits the first message to the brain. For this reason, the visual aspect, and therefore the color, is a fundamental asset for a brand that wants to hit the consumer.Thanks to Tiffany this turquoise tone that derives from the color of the eggs of a bird, the American Robin – for this reason also called blue robin’s-egg – has quickly become an international icon of elegance and refinement, which conveys a sense of freedom and carries the mind in a luxurious and rarefied world. Some studies have shown that at the sight of this color the heart beat suddenly accelerates. Do we believe it? Certainly for the female audience this color should have made those who found it happy and excited. But it also seems that it was chosen for another reason, given the great popularity of turquoise in 19th century jewelry.
Just as we do for our customizations by creating a color tailored on the customer’s taste and depositing it, as for the two corporate colors Azzurro Lapo and Blue Navy Garage Italia, Tiffany also asked Pantone to standardize its Tiffany Blue in the early 2000s, to ensure that everywhere in the world, regardless of the surface on which it would have been reproduced, the color would have been immediately recognizable.
All this has contributed to creating over time the myth of Tiffany’s Blue Box and the iconic color, an international symbol of elegance, exclusivity and craftsmanship. From an icon to an Icon-e the step is short, and which color if not blue Tiff- oh no. Attention, we forgot to tell you that the color is protected by Copyright, so you will never find it in Pantone’s color chart.By the way, we are pretty sure that this cutie will be able provide you a sense of freedom, light-heartedness and … even make your heart beat faster.
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