Pantone Stories: Lime Green

Sun, Mojitos, and you’re in pole!The color for the car is like a second skin, if not the first. Paint is one of the most important elements in a car’s design: the right paint job can make a difference and change your car forever.
The chromatic trends of the automotive industry are very interesting to analyze because the colors that people buy and the colors offered by car manufacturers are often quite different: one of the noisiest and least shy colors that you can have on a car is definitely green lime, now used in many sports models.It goes well with the black interior, the natural rope seats and the other black details in the car.
This shade of Lime Green with a metallic tip takes inspiration from the Ford Mustangs that were popular in the 60s and 70s and from the other American muscle cars that have ridden the chromatic trend, recently re-proposed also for the Mustang MY 2020.With a similar color one of the main objectives is to be noticed, so the more ostentatious the color, the better. Green paint is an unusual choice, but if you don’t want to go unnoticed, it is certainly an excellent option. Some argue that the best green cars are electric cars, like this Jolly Icon-e. Then Let it be green!We know that someone out there have already fallen in love so don’t be shy. If you are interested in purchasing the car and you want to know more, write us here!
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