Pantone Stories: Orange

If we say orange, what comes to mind?Oranges, of course.But think that for a long time, orange was not even a color. The word ‘orange’ indicates a fruit tree and only later was it used to indicate a color: the color of its skin. In ancient paintings it is difficult to find it. Maybe for a long time it has been ignored.
When Newton decomposed the light with a prism, he saw that one of the first colors that struck his eye was orange. If we are getting too boring tell us.
And the basketball? Okay, maybe we’re doing better.Did you know that the wedge ball has been orange since ’58, when the coach of Butler University decided that that color would be much easier to see for both players and the public? Yes, because before that they were dark leather, or even yellowish.
In Eastern culture then orange is a good omen, especially because oranges are a symbol of abundance and happiness. But not only that, it also seems to favor concentration. It is not by chance in fact the color of the uniforms worn by Buddhist monks, who dress in orange to be able to detach themselves from the passions.There are a lot of variations of orange depending on the proportions of the two primary colors used, which can evoke different feelings and emotions.
It is definitely a very warm color that communicates warmth, but if you charge it with red it can reach autumn shades, think of the period when the leaves change color and the pumpkins, typically orange, are ripe. But it is also a color that in recent years has become increasingly popular in fashion, proving to be easier to wear than we might think.
Orange is a color we like a lot, even on cars. Reassuring but never aggressive, daring without being arrogant. On the contrary it seems to make you feel good and stimulate interaction.It is a fresh, young and whimsical color that encloses the warmth of red and the brightness of yellow.
Many trivialize believing that it is the union of red with yellow. And it is indeed so, but don’t consider it just a ‘mixture’, it would be wrong.And if we were to tell you ‘orange cars’, which ones come to mind?
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