Pantone Stories: Romazzino Blue

Sinuous and always soft lines, pastel shades that stand out for their whiteness and refined materials. The iconic shapes of the villas that almost camouflage themselves among the thick vegetation close to the sea are now recognized all over the world.
Because in Costa Smeralda architecture is what gave shape to the dream and foresight of those who, almost sixty years ago, were able to give life to one of the most loved (and envied) tourist destinations, without affecting the natural beauty and in full harmony with the marine ecosystem and the Mediterranean bush.
Overlooking one of the most beautiful and unique sea bays in the Mediterranean, l’Hotel Romazzino is the perfect compromise for travelers looking for a complete and luxurious retreat experience. It dominates the extraordinary turquoise blue bay with its whitewashed walls, flowing lines and arched windows. Flowering gardens gently lead to a long white sandy beach just a few steps away. Designed in 1965 by architect Michele Busiri Vici, the hotel was completely renovated from 2004 to 2007 and further expanded between 2011 and 2013.
The result is a unique, new, well-coded, refined, homogeneous and very Mediterranean style, with a look at the local building tradition.To realize this, just come to Costa Smeralda cruising on one of our 500 Jolly Icon-e to appreciate the wonders of a fantastic territory and a style that is now an established trademark. The perfect synthesis between the sensibilities and different styles of the first architects who laid the foundations of the project in the early Sixties.
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