Pantone Stories: Rosso Cervo

The colour of this Jolly Icon-e is inspired by a type of sand extracted from a quarry in Bagnoli di Arcidosso on the slopes of Monte Amiata, in what was known in medieval times as the Republic of Siena, today the province of Grosseto. This quarry remained active until the 50s and produced a sand used as a dye since the mists of time commonly called “terra rossa” or “terra di Siena”. The massive use of this pigment in Tuscan art can also be read in the main treatises on artistic techniques, from Cennini to Vasari.
Here, however, we are in Sardinia, in Costa Smeralda to be precise. This Jolly Icon-e is the courtesy car tailor made for the Hotel Cervo, designed in 1962 by architect Luigi Vietti, the ideal refuge for those who wish to stay in the heart of Porto Cervo.
The structure is a red jewel set in the famous town square where the predominant colour is red in its infinite shades. And in this oasis of simplicity could not miss our 500 Electric Spiaggina, perfectly matched with the colors and the surrounding nature, in the typical style of the Costa Smeralda.
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