A journey beyond the blue-tinted universe of Garage Italia Customs through new projects, new challenges and new stories.
Garage Italia Studio is the new agency of Garage Italia specialized in digital and new media.  We are a multidisciplinary, digitally native team of strategists, designers and digital transformation consultants.
Garage Italia Studio is not only an agency, but a real artistic and informative HUB of confrontation in the digital world.
The visual identity of Garage Italia Studio was developed from the heritageof Garage Italia Customs.
The focus remained the same as the main brand, but was abstracted to be more flexible in communication and adaptable to non-automotive projects and brands.
The blueprint was the perfect blend as it is used for designs in any industry.From this we took blue as the main color, thin white lines and outline image processing.
Icons were elaborated from the details of the principal typeface (Migra) and automotive badges, resulting in abstract graphic elements, in line with the visual of branding and suitable to be combined with each other and declined to any design requirement. The story of this graphic project is now available on the Behance platform.
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