Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Road Signs is the Garage Italia Customs Horoscope. We'll be interpreting the stars in our own way and tone of voice, with no pretense of taking ourselves seriously, but with the sole purpose of cracking a smile on in the sweetest month of the year. We can only rely on the stars to surprise our partner. Here are lots of tips not to follow on llloveeeee!


Romance is not for you, but the writer of this horoscope is on your side, so: on Valentine's Day lock yourself in a Citroën AMI with the person you are in love with and declare yourself. Maybe by standing close together....


Interesting sky for you Taurus, if you follow the curves of falling in love there will be fiery nights. Be careful not to melt!


The week from the 6th to the 12th will be very heavy, enter the 4x4 and you will come out alive. For the rest of the month do it all in first gear with the four arrows like the old man in the hat.


Spoiler Alert: Uranus will get in your way this month.Don't get caught unprepared. Take the means of transport.


Venus is no longer opposite! But you like to stand with your feet on multiple pedals; be careful not to mistake a Ferrari for a Twingo or you'll end up like Piqué.


There's tension in the air; don't get behind the wheel or you'll do serious damage. Park yourself on the couch until March. FantaSanremo will help you clear your mind.


February goes like this: lots of highs but just as many lows.Our 4C Hokusai is the right car to surf the waves of your days.


Positive news: Venus is active in your sign. The right days to declare yourself are February 20 and 21. Negative news: We are not astrologers. Put on cruise control and let him do it.


Relationship situation as tangled as putting snow chains in the middle of a blizzard. Don't give up, read the instruction sheet and get out of the friendzone unscathed!


February will be sweet for you, Venus is on your side and so is Mercury.If we were to customize a car for you it would have lots of little hearts. Just for you 14% discount on customizations.


You are too rational, for matters of the heart you have to let go a little!To help you, it is a bit like putting in neutral on a downhill road.It's a metaphor; don't take us literally.


Tough times for you, lonely little fish. You are so negative that in the most romantic month of the year, you want to travel alone. Get yourselves an F1 car.

We said it last time and we'll say it again, this is not a predictive horoscope. We understand almost nothing about astrology, but if by chance we have written something right, let us know!
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