Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Are you dreaming of sea breezes, cold beers at sunset? Or are you already with your head in the mountains, isolated from everyone?Summer is coming and we are ready! To avoid annoyances and mosquitoes, here are a few tips.


You wake up one day in mid-June and smell romance in the air.For those born between March and April in search of adventure, a weekend in Romagna is just what you need. Pack your ITALIANS DO IT BATTERY tee, it will help you break the ice.


Arm yourself with patience, dear taurus, because this will be a somewhat nerve-wracking month.You will feel as bogged down as Massimo Boldi on the tram tracks. Don't be like him, keep calm and give gas slowly. By hook or by crook you will get out of it.


Positive news is on the way! We don't know what, but let us tell you that it can't get any worse than in the past months.Take back from the delusion of the last Fast and Furious and be open to change!


It seems that from 21 June, Jupiter and Saturn will be in favour and that bad boy Pluto will no longer be against you. We are sure that planets positioned in this way can only mean one thing: the Ferrari ordeal is coming to an end, maybe.


Venus and Mars are on your side, love and grit will not be lacking.As for love, feel free to love whoever you want. If you need an injection of grit, what better than our Panda 4x4?


A little tired because of Saturn. Goal for August: regain muscle tone with some physical activity. Start with a light jog and continue with a relaxing beer on the canals. And if you're afraid of going crazy with parking, consider buying a new Fiat Topolino.


The time has finally come to get the Spiaggina out of the garage!The skies have cleared up, you've got some beautiful matching sunglasses, get out of the house and pull yourself together, you're absolutely allowed to.


Dear Scorpion and Scorpionettes, you have a decision to make: work or love?Since work is what it is, put all your eggs in one basket or you'll find yourself stranded. These days it is better to have a slightly battered but air-conditioned Fiat Punto than the underground from June to September.


It's a month of growth for you, you feel strong and determined, ready to run over any obstacle in your path like a big wave. Speaking of waves, we customised an Alfa Romeo 4C with Hokusai's one, want to see it? You can find it on our Marketplace.


The past month has been hectic, you're as tired and drained as a Spiaggina after a day at the beach on the Emerald Coast.The time has come to plug in instead of unplugging and recharge your batteries. A couple of hours and you'll be pumped up for a night out.


Venus in opposition for the next five months, no summer romance for singles of Aquarius.At work it will be a bagarre, as our friend Carlo Vanzini says.Also in the family sparks will fly like between Hamilton and Russel during quali.We would like to tell you something positive but we don't want to delude you.


Stay focused on what gives you joy, like going to wash the car even though you know it will start raining soon after. Ah, it seems the end of the month is a very creative time, so don't put limits on yourself. Pick up the phone, Garage Italia is waiting for you.
We've been asking the question for six months now, have we got it right?
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