Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

In the midst of the Taurus season and the beginning of the wedding season, a month of parties, outdoor dining and good vibes awaits us, we hope.


A period of personal growth begins for you. Instead of blaming the change of season, switch on the four-wheel drive and put the pedal to the metal, you will arrive at summer fully charged.


Play it safe: this is your moment, you are at the top of your game. You have all the optionals to travel comfortably: dual traction, cruise control, LED headlights, heated seats, emergency braking, adaptive suspension (what the hell is that anyway?) ... all of them!


In the wake of last month, you have to keep calm. No head banging, no unnecessary hassle. And mind you, no Vin Diesel-esque defiant looks at traffic lights.


A change of course is needed, the gps is fluttering and so are you. Mercury, Mars and Venus are on your side. Believe in yourself in your partner, who surely has a better sense of direction than you.


Mercury against, you are as stressed as a Ferrari mechanic if not worse, but after Baku there are small signs of recovery. You have to put your own spin on it, though.


Introspection" is the watchword, look inside yourself: it's time to give the interior of the car a twist, change the carpets and throw away that Arbre Magique which has been hanging there since Napoli's second scudetto.


Doubts and uncertainties wear you down about everything. Should we go open-top or not? We have already moved on with our Duetto Spider Hybrid. As Umberto Tozzi used to say, 'first of May, up courage'.


This month may be productive, but you have to start from the basics: gear up, let off the clutch and accelerate a little. And ignore the horns of those behind you.


The planets have aligned, it's time to take advantage of the favourable wind and put your shyness aside. Give yourself a gift: a nice Spiaggina and you'll be more photographed than Lil Nas X at the Met Gala.


You need some stability. Imagine yourself on the cobblestones of Via Tortona with the Cake Osa+ we customised. You're the coolest, but you have to slalom between pedestrians and potholes. Watch out.


The green wave at traffic lights exists only for others.At roundabouts no one ever lets you pass.On the home-work route it is full of work in progress.Take it easy.


Jupiter enters your sign, a little more effort and you will achieve the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. Everything is going well, when something undermines your emotional stability: Gran Turismo movie trailer. We feel you, we are shocked too.Let us know if Taurus has charged you with positive energy, or if he has gored you in the race because you were dressed in red.
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