Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

This month we will all be more thoughtful and cautious, we will only make decisions after weighing all possibilities. Will this really be the case?Let's see what the stars say.


Get ready for 30 days of misfortune and frustration, the stars are against you. To let off steam, drag your sports car to the track but watch out for speeding fines!


Venus kisses you. Finances are scarce, you have to do some extra by getting rid of what you no longer use. But don't you dare selling the vintage 500 you keep in your garage. Rather, bring it in for a nice makeover.


You feel like a hybrid car, undecided whether to do all the nightclub openings or give in to the comfort of early evenings on the couch with a blanket.No, going out in your pyjamas is not an option, you mustn't drive with slippers on your feet.


The first cold weather sends you into a depression, you are more meteoropathic than Colonel Giuliacci. It's time to put the spider you've been driving around in this summer back in the pits and pull out the Tucano Urbano Rain set to get back to harsh reality.


Paolo Fox suggests that you take advantage of the first few days of the month with the wind in your sails. Then things get decidedly complicated, with Venus fleeing Virgo and Mars going into Scorpio. Practically like entering the Western beltway at 8 a.m.


Coming back from a summer you certainly didn't spare yourselves, are you starting to feel the blow? If you check the engine oil level with a stick, we can't do the same for you to see if you're OK, so slow down and get a complete check-up before setting off again.


You are energetic, the roar of your engine can be heard loud and clear as a Delta HF through the hills of the Langhe. Treat yourself to a day of total relaxation, breathtaking views and... pedal to the metal!


The days are getting shorter and everyone is miserable, except you. Your favourite season has finally arrived. Not surprisingly, you were among the few who were against Fiat's decision to stop producing grey cars.


Jupiter retrograde, be thrifty. Your partner has got it into his head that he wants the new Mercedes g-Class and no one will get it out of his head, least of all you. You might want to start saving money.


You Capricorns are really restless. You can't wait until autumn to change your wardrobe. In case you also want to change the clothes of your old Golf GTI first series, you know how to reach to us.


October will put you to the test, the high expectations on the Gran Turismo film have been dashed by a script of rare banality and predictability. Watch Rush for the 67th time, you'll feel better in no time.


Month of ups and downs, more downs than ups. It will be like doing the Furka Pass in your aunt's Ford Ka, a roller coaster of emotions. Don't let the scenery distract you and think about saving your neck.If we get a few right again this month, let us know!
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