Roberto Baggio e la Panda

Sometimes it takes a very little to blow up the social media.This time it’s been a photo, just one, posted among other nine.Valentina posted it, and she would have never thought that the shot could receive so much love and approvals.
The post shows her father, working in the countryside while picking up some stuff on the roof rack of a Panda 4×4. A real shot, except for the fact that Valentina, whose last name is Baggio, is the daughter of Roberto, one of the players who made the history of Italian and International football.The former number 10, who has a place in the hearts of many football fans, has always stood out for his exemplary, generous and discreet behavior both on and off the pitch. Never an excess, never a word out of place, Roberto let his talent speak for himself, flashes of pure class that brightened the stadiums around the world.
But let’s go back to that shot, because to make it viral was the combo with another symbol of the Nineties, a military green Fiat Panda 4×4. Baggio and the Panda together tell us of a simple moment in the venetian countryside, nothing more. But for us that we love Panda that much to have brought it back to life with the Icon-e project, this image was such a strong emotion that it took us almost a week to process it.Now what we are wondering is: dear Roberto, after all your conversions, both football and spiritual, when will you convert to one of our electric Panda 4×4?
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