Rock The Zeta Vol.1 – THE DISC STORE

As we anticipated, #RockTheZetais not just a playlist on @spotify.
Rockthezeta, powered by Michelin, is a glimpse of a lifestyle, the debut of our restomod on Datsun 240Z made on video. Rockthezeta is the answer to the question: why should we drive boring cars and listen to boring music?
What starts today is the journey of three guys, Theo, Lillo and Gorka, aboard our Datsun, freshly restored. Departure from Garage Italia, and it could not be otherwise: first stop Disco Due In, one of the most iconic record stores in Milan, a few steps from our headquarters that you all know very well by now. The goal? The hunting for the rarest vinyl. Get on board and fasten your seatbelt, we’re off.
Here Spotify by Garage Italia.
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