Rock The Zeta Vol.3 – REHEARSAL ROOM

We are now in the final stages of Rock The Zeta and we are sure that many of you are about to shed a nostalgic tear.But then again, you know, all good stories sooner or later come to an epilogue. This week, the journey of our guys takes us to explore a secret place, the theater of evidence of their performances where they give free rein to their distorted guitars and synths taste very Seventies.What you will see is something more than a meeting of friends, a magical place with an electrifying atmosphere, and now why. The rehearsal room is adorned by a wonderful work of Guido Reni, the “David and Goliath” masterfully reproduced by @andrearavomattoni for which we want to spend a few more words.
A work that is a tribute to those who have struggled or are struggling against something bigger than them (clear reference to the pandemic), a sign of hope and determination still.The chosen place is deliberately an abandoned factory, a place that has seen years of hard work flowing within its walls, a place that will soon be reborn in a new form, a bit like we did with our dear old Datsun 240Z. The place is located near to Varese, and it will be unveiled in late 2021, with the hope that this period will be largely over. The painting will be there, ready to defeat the giant.But back to us.For those of you who missed the previous two episodes, RocktheZeta is a snippet of the lives of three guys devoted to rock n’ roll. Our testimony explores the key points of the lifestyle that revolves around this genre, from the exchange of ideas in musical research, the food habits, and the car’s choice too. The protagonist of this cross-section is our latest restomod, the Datsun 240Z. The concept of “Melting Pot” that rock n’ roll has always exalted, is taken up at the level of stylistic choices on the car, which creates a spiritual bridge between Italy and Japan.
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