What if carmakers walked the runaway

What if automotive brands walked the runaway, what kind of outfits would we see? This is the question that didn't let us sleep at night until we decided to work on it. Now some of you will surely say: "Well, actually Ferrari did it already"; That’s true, Ferrari Style in fact is the first case of a car manufacturer that has not limited itself to the creation of an official merch but has presented a real high-end collection on the catwalk. A runaway in the factories of Maranello, in the middle of the production line of the Prancing Horse supercars.
For this experiment, we wanted to explore the potential of artificial intelligence by training ChatGPT to imagine, for each brand, what a corresponding garment might be.

We obtained descriptions in great detail: from the type of garment to the context environment. The AI imagined an output based on our indications and turned it into a textual command or "prompt". This prompt was then fed to Midjourney, a generative AI model that transformed the text into an
image, and the game it’s done. We then selected the best outputs and here they are. You can find them all on our Instagram channel, let us know which are the most accurate in the comments!
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