Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Here we are, finally, the holidays are coming!For everyone, or almost everyone, August will be the month of guilt-free afternoon naps, babies crying next to you at the beach, ice-cold beers at sunset, deserted cities, Parma ham and melon, burning steering, and blaring air conditioning.Curious to know if it will also be a hot month for the stars?


In summer you have to drink a lot, the tv news tells it to us every day.Just to be clear, you have to drink water, not Mojitos!The planets have aligned to give you an amazing month, switch off your mobile phone and enjoy the moment.


If it were up to you, you would spend August in the fridge but, unfortunately, this is not possible.For those of you staying in town, we recommend a nice trip to the car dealerships, at least there's plenty of air conditioning there.


By now the portable fan has become one with your arm.But there’s a better way to feel the cool breeze on your skin: a ride on the Spiaggina.


According to the stars, the bloke from the beach will be a Milanese Imbruttito: the heat, the crying children, the kids playing ball, the burning sand, the wet water. How about a week in the mountains?


Every morning on holiday, a Leo wakes up and knows that it must run faster than the gazelle, or he will not find a place on the beach. When the sun rises, it doesn't matter if you are a leo or a gazelle: keep running."


August will bring you a bit of emotional instability and a few dangerous curves will throw you off track like a Citroën Ami on the Monte Carlo hairpin turn. Take it easy.


Let's be blunt, it will be a month with flat tires.The longed-for relax will be a mirage, we advise you to take out additional cover on your car rent. Prevention is better than cure.


Holidays are still as far as the podium for Ferrari, you still have two weeks to go and you don't know where to find the energy. Red Bull gives you wiiings!


Make the most of the days before the 23rd, because after that you will have Mercury against you.Arm yourself with patience and prepare your mind, the trip back will be an Odyssey.


Capricorn never goes on holiday.Your only goal is to make money, your phone is ringing 24 hours a day and at the beach you only think about business. Sunbathing is overrated.


You're the one who forgets to pull the handbrake and every year it's always the same: you fall asleep on your mattress in the middle of the sea and have to alert the coastguard to rescue you. Drop the anchor.


It will be a podium finish month.Try not to break the ancient pot like Lando Norris, but if it happens, play it cool and shy away as if nothing happened. You will get away with it this time too.
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