Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

April sweet sleep, we use to say here. But also sweet allergies.We just survive the sneezes by planning future trips. To the stars, as usual, we ask how this month will go, where the planets are and how they will affect our affairs. But then, are we sure the stars and planets will answer to us? And even if they do, are we sure we understand them? Spoiler: no.


Great energy for you Aries! In these early months of the year, not even speed bumps stop you. Lucky you, who don't fear speed cameras. Well, we'll talk about it in May!


Lots of luck for those who will start new projects. Also in love, the advice is to start new situationships: do not do as usual, do not reheat old soups.Be curious and well prepared for new things, such as the new Lambo V12 Hybrid, lighter and with a carbon body.


One, two, three... up to a hundred. Count anytime before you do anything.In April we'll take away your car keys even when you're completely sober. It's for your own good.


An interesting month for you Cancers, you will finally be able to prove your worth. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, it's time to wear flamboyant clothes and show them off. Wrap up your cars!


Bad luck sticks to you like gnats to the windscreen. There is only one recipe: hot water, well-wrung microfibre, lots of patience and workout.


It seems that the Moon, Sun and Mercury are on your side. Logic will triumph, this month you will be able to assemble Ikea furniture without instructions and to solve Ferrari’s problems.


Beware of Mars! We don't know what it means, but we read that it will have a negative influence. At work you trudge a bit, but console yourself, you're not the only one. Leclerc is a Libra too.


Someone has to tell you: we are in the middle of spring, basking in your discomfort will not make you more interesting. We invite you to become a happy and colourful scorpion, light you up like warning lights in the dashboard of grandma's old Panda!


Finally some well-deserved relaxation! Avoid Easter Monday bbq with 50 people. A road trip with Spiaggina and picnic is what you need. And if it rains?! Set up the awning!


Mercury will show you the way like Google Maps during ATM strike.A good moment for you Capricorns who, however, as usual, will do as you please, you don't look at the horoscope and neither Google Maps.


Tense as violin strings for the release of Fast & Furious 10, April will be a month of nerve-wracking waiting. Our advice to escape the instagram algorithm and avoid spoilers: watch Mare Fuori.


It's the month of passion for you but put the handbrake on jealousy if you don't want to make a mess of things. At work, on the other hand, put your foot down and tar everyone. Oh, it’s just a metaphor, got it?Do the stars answer to you?
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