Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

New year, new format. Road Signs, the Garage Italia Customs Horoscope, starts today. We'll be interpreting the stars in our own way and tone of voice, with no pretense of taking ourselves seriously, but with the sole purpose of cracking a smile on this Blue Monday, which, let's face it, is never an easy day. Some of you will start off in fifth gear, others will need to carburate in the first few months of the year; if it is true that we are children of the sky, this is the fault of the planets. In 2023 Saturn will transit from the sign of Aquarius to Pisces and Jupiter from Aries to Taurus, what does this mean? We don’t know. We work on cars, actually. But let's not lose time and let’s start right away with some tips for a January overflowing with good resolutions not to keep.


Optimistic as a Corvette in the mud, this year thanks to Venus will get off to a great start right away. Don't be fearful, dare, that luck is on your side and you will be rewarded!


New year, new life? Not really. You've been looking for stability for a while, maybe it's time to get yourself a first series Panda 4x4.


You have Mars in your sign; it's a good time to travel in Hare mode and tackle new projects head-on. Shave your beard and hair to feel even a little Vin Diesel and the most is done.


Mercury against you most of the month. Sorry for you, there's not much to do. In this January you will be a bit sad and misunderstood; you will feel a bit like a Fiat Multipla.Never back down; your 2023 can only get better, maybe.


It's time to take some revenge but go easy on yourself, in first, maximum in second gear. It will be a month with lots of ups and downs, you will need the shock absorbers of a Monster Jam truck.


Little reminder for you: if you don't take the handbrake off, it's hard to start, unless you have a Fiat Punto; the Punto can start even when off.


Jupiter in opposition, Venus in favor, you risk going the way of the old Y10, with Lancia and Autobianchi playing arm wrestle. There will be some discomfort, little patience and minor annoyances, but if you hang in there, January will pass without doing too much damage.


Take it easy, or by the end of the month you'll feel like an Icon-e Spiaggina with 5 percent charge. Don't panic. Pull over and recharge your battery.


Flat out in a full-custom Ferrari fresh out of the Garage. You're cool, your blue sky matches the bodywork, but don’t push too much the pedal, it won't always be downhill.


If it’s true that “slow and steady wins the race”, all Capricorn needs this month is a Vespa, maybe an electric one. But then, come to think of it, it's 4 degrees outside, and maybe it was better to wait a couple of months to show it off. Cover up well or you get sick.


Mars and Venus are with you, start the year off right! Everything is positive, everything as easy as looking for parking downtown with an electric Smart. The only problem is that you will be on other people's nerves.


Mercury and Sun favorable, work is going great. Wind in your sails (and hair) like you were in the Chianti hills in our Duetto Spider Hybrid. Thirsty AF.
As you may have seen, this was not a predictive Horoscope, if we look up in the evening we have a hard time finding the Moon. Share the post with your sign and if by chance we also got something right, please let us know.
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