The Art of Sustainability in Electric Pillar Design

SìRicarica was born from a shared vision of NaturaSì, DriWe and Garage Italia. Three different realities but with a common will: to build a future together and for all, putting sustainability at the center.
The SìRicarica Project:SìRicarica, a benefit company, revolutionizes the charging of electric and plug-in cars by installing columns in the parking lots of NaturaSì stores. This is not just a service for NaturaSì customers, but an open invitation to all local communities to embrace sustainable mobility, based on renewable energy.
Garage Italia Studio, at the heart of this project, brought to life the logo and design of the SìRicarica columns. Each application reflects our core values: sustainability, renewable energy, sharing and innovation.
The Columns:The SìRicarica columns are designed to be fast and efficient, allowing full recharges in less than an hour. With the ability to book and manage the columns remotely via smartphone, we offer a service that can connect the community of people who love the planet. (Full map of where to find our columns here)
The alliance with NaturaSì, a leader in organic and biodynamic agriculture, and DriWe, an innovator in electric mobility, has resulted in a unique service. Garage Italia is proud to have contributed to this project, demonstrating our commitment to a future where technology and nature coexist in harmony. SìRicarica represents an important step toward a sustainable tomorrow, a shared ideal and a collective urgency that embraces the planet.
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