Only Fiat Topolino? We disagree.

It's news just a few days ago: the new 100% electric Fiat Mickey Mouse has made its first appearance online and in the real world. Inspired by the adorable Citro├źn Ami, the Turin-based manufacturer's model shares its compact dimensions and motorization, but features a completely revised look in terms of exterior panels and interior elements. Very similar to our Spiaggina, this launch version sees the doors removed to make room for strings, as well as having a roll-up canvas roof. The front end also reminds us of the 500's nose we all know, making the look more graceful than its French cousin.As early as the first iteration of the Mickey Mouse in the 1920s, the cute nickname caught on because of its resemblance to the eponymous character born from the pencil of Walt Disney.Could we pass up the opportunity to make a custom? Of course not!
Could we have just done our homework? And so we created as many as six.
Fiat's new four-wheeler became our canvas for a series of Disney-themed customizations. Each car features a unique and super recognizable livery inspired by the colors of each character. In addition to Mickey, the undisputed star, Minnie, Donald Duck and....
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