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The Spiaggina was the seaside version of the legendary 500, a model designed in the second half of the 1950s by Dante Giacosa, who revolutionized the entire Italian automotive scene.
Initially made upon request by some wealthy customers who needed a versatile and original means of distinguishing themselves in the most chic summer holiday resorts, it was then produced in a limited series by some coachbuilders. The recipe was simple: eliminate the roof – which in some cases was later replaced by a cotton-awning, the doors and all the glass surfaces except for the windshield. The imitation leather upholstery of the seats was then replaced by canvas or wicker seats, which can also be used with a wet suit. One of the most famous was certainly the 500 Boano Spiaggina, built in 1958 in only two copies: the owners were Gianni Agnelli and Aristotle Onassis, whose photos driving the nice little cars went around the world.
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