The 10 most beautiful roads and highways in the world

Driving is always nice, but doing it on these roads and with these views out of the window is even better.The next vacation is still a while away, but now we are offering you some routes with breathtaking views. What you will read is not a ranking, but just a list of some of the most impressive roads and highways in the world.Stelvio PassStarting from our home, the Stelvio Pass is a particularly fun route for a driver: about twenty kilometers long, there are nearly fifty steep hairpin bends (which exceed 2,700 meters in elevation) and forty curves descending into the valley. Drivers always have their arms outstretched and busy turning the steering wheel. It all unfolds in a breathtaking setting, with an almost uninterrupted sequence of striking mountain scenery, spectacular even for those who do not like snow.P.S. In Top Gear they say the most beautiful road in the world goes from Davos in Switzerland to the Stelvio Pass, and my guess is that the people who choose the names for the cars in Alfa Romeo think the same.
The highway over waterI catapult you to the other side of the world for what I think is the most scenic road on the planet. It is in China and it extends from Gufu Township to the city of Yichang in Hubei Province, crossing a river and consisting of about eleven kilometers.It is a truly special sight, not only for the drivers who are literally beside the water, but also for those who observe it from the mainland. It is designed with poles that sink directly into the water to make the construction's impact on the sylvan environment less invasive. I would sincerely like to drive on it, wouldn't you?
The Overseas HighwayActually, the previous one is not the only road passing through water in the World.In Florida we find another one, the Overseas Highway, consisting of 205 kilometers a few feet above the water. Completed in 1912, it was a railroad road that was destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. It was later decided to convert it back to a highway. I thank whoever had the idea and I’m going to book a flight to go for a ride.
The Atlantic HighwayOne of the most famous roads in Norway, near Møre og Romsdal. A stretch of asphalt about eight kilometers into the fjords, which through viaducts, causeways and eight bridges connects a series of islets, typical of the Norwegian landscape. The route began construction on August 1, 1983 and was completed on July 7, 1989. It was originally intended to be a rail line: we are glad they made it drivable.In 2006, the British newspaper The Guardian marked it as the best road trip. I imagine myself there in winter, watching the northern lights dance (we do not recommend doing this, and remind you that it is dangerous to drive with your nose up, whether you are intent on watching the northern lights or if you want to scan the sky for UFOs).
The Garden RouteSouth Africa, for those who like their road trips to be a little adventurous. Nearly two hundred and fifty kilometers, from Mossel Bay to Storms River, running all the way along the coast, passing mountains covered with lush forests, incredible beaches on the Indian Ocean, elegant colonial-style towns surrounded by verdant hills. The road runs through the southern part of the country, which is characterized by its Mediterranean climate, and is one of South Africa's top tourist destinations.
The road of the seven lakesWe are in Argentina: the land of fire and, apparently, of lakes. It is a 100-kilometer route from Villa la Angostura to San Martín de los Andes through the lake district. It is a scenic road, almost completely devoid of civilization (including gas stations) where you can find herds of cattle and galloping horses, but it is completely paved and with the most striking views in South America.You will certainly come back from this road more tempered and with eyes full of beauty and nature.
Route 66Who has never wanted to take a coast-to-coast trip? The most iconic road in the United States is straight as far as the eye can see and it consists of 3,755 kilometers, crossing 8 states. So, if you are considering driving it, we suggest you prepare for at least a good 15 days of driving. Crossing the country from Chicago to Santa Monica, and standing on it means stepping into U.S. history. It’s full of breathtaking landscapes, legendary cities and famous landmarks, including Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.Famous from movies, novels and songs, Route 66 is in our collective imagination and it is awarded the «must-ride at least once in a lifetime» medal. A little word of advice: don't go in August, you'll melt away.
The Great Ocean RoadOne of the most striking scenic roads on the other side of the world. Located in Australia along the Victoria coast, it runs for 243 kilometers and offers breathtaking scenery over the crystal clear waters of the Australian sea, white sandy beaches, lush forests and sheer cliffs. One of the must-visit spots is definitely the one you see in the picture, called the 12 Apostles, where there are monumental limestone rocks.
Dadès GorgesDid you know that Morocco has Canyons similar to those in America?For those like me who were unaware, it's time to discover this wonder just a few hours by plane from our home.The Dadès Valley, located about 200 km east of Marrakech, was formed by wind and water erosion over about 600,000 years. This road runs through the valley with many sharp bends. Red earth covers everything and gives it the appearance of a lunar landscape. In between, the many oases are adorned with lush palm trees, and hiking is popular.
The Cinque Terre coastline/Amalfi CoastBeing a Ligurian by adoption, I could not fail to mention the most scenic route in the region. It is a provincial road and runs through the villages of the Cinque Terre, definitely not the fastest way to travel through the area but certainly the most scenic. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation with the sea on the horizon, perhaps alongside a pastel 500 Spiaggina at sunset, the whole thing could be hyper-romantic.What more could you ask for?To keep things fair, and because they are a bit alike, I have to mention (heart-eyed) another wonderful and super slow road: the State Road 163 on the Amalfi Coast. Overlooking the sea, it runs among the small villages of the coast with the smell of Sorrento lemons and the sound of waves breaking on the rocks.It really is true that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
We know it: these are not the only scenic roads and highways in the world. So, which one is your favorite? And why the one that takes you from work to vacation?
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