With this special dedicated to Tips, the first season of Garage Tricks, the format born from the collaboration with Veloce, ends. In the previous episodes we discovered how to vacuum the interior of the car, clean the skin of the passenger compartment, how to wash the bodywork or clean glass and tires. Today our haute detailer Marcello Mereu tells us some tricks of the trade: from washing the microfibre cloths (“The fallow deer? Leave them free to run!”) To the use of the spatula, an accessory that he himself – years ago – introduced to the world of detailing (“Everything is spreadable!”).
As you all know by now, we shot Garage Tricks when there was no talk of lockdown yet. We hope to have made you smile and to have given you some useful ideas to spoil your cars a little more. We take this opportunity to thank the team of Veloce and Marcello Mereu for the solidity and competence of the contribution to the Garage Tricks project and all the staff behind the scenes who allowed the realization of the episodes.
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