Trowback Customs: Alfa Romeo 4C

In our customs archive we find everything from a simple colour change to a racing livery. It’s the case with this project that we care a lot about, because it shows what a simple Alfa Romeo 4C can become just right out of the dealership. The customer's wish was to recreate a racing-inspired livery without distorting the car and, on the contrary, enhancing its sinuous sporty shape even more. And so it was: we started from its red base, which is also the dominant colour of so many Alfa cars that have made the house of Arese great on the track in the past. So we decided to design a racing livery by delving into the Biscione's infinite historical archive to create something unique. If you're wondering, yes, this job is a wrapping, not a paint job. The 4C in fact lends itself very much to sudden changes of dress, in which case a wrapping is always the best solution. If we asked you now which iconic model we were inspired by for the design of this project, could you answer? Take a minute to think about it, without googling.
OK, time's up, and since we're not here to waste your time, here's the answer.
It's the Alfa Romeo 33 that made headlines for racing in the 1970 Le Mans 24-hour race. The following year, the film starring Steve McQueen, 'The 24 Hours of Le Mans', enshrined it. One of those models was auctioned off by RM Sotheby's in Monte Carlo last May: it was the 33/3 number 35 driven by Nanni Galli and Rolf Stommelen, alas forced to retire due to a malfunction after holding second position for almost the entire race. All true: Sotheby's confirmed the sale of the example for the modest sum of 1,636,250 Euros. Not bad. Returning to our personalisation, the unmissable number plate, front wrap in white to cover just above the front lights, Alfa Romeo side strip along the whole car and four-leaf clover sticker that for the occasion becomes the Garage Italia logo in green.
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