Trucks and graffiti: 5 accounts you must see

From the first moment that human beings have known writing, they have always wanted to leave a personal, distinctive mark, a seal of presence and representation in a place, be it walls, roads, trees or tools. When, however, these seals, these signatures, travel at 80 km/h on four Iveco Daily vehicles, they are no longer just representatives, but itinerants, and we have tried to chase them down. This time, no time for formidable performance supercars, just good old-fashioned pick-up trucks. Below you can find five Instagram pages not to be missed if you're crazy about graffiti and all kinds of vehicles on four wheels.
@furgonipittati'Pittare' from Rome on down means to paint, whitewash, tag, colour, daub, it depends on the context, but Milan is the most popular city on this account, in which hundreds of vehicles covered in years and years of graffiti whizz by every day. It is all true, Milan is grey, but when the painted vans drive by, it is a little less so.
@camionsparisiensIf the Milanese vans aren't enough, Paris is full of trucks. Big, noisy and colourful, a perfect example of that slightly dirty, chaotic and decadent magic of Parisian neighbourhoods that has always fascinated and inspired the arts. Le chauffeur vous attend.
@vapski.originalStaying in French territory, one of the most active artists on the scene is Vapski, a benchmark of European truck design. Chunky tags, lots of blue and sometimes portraits of celebrities and cartoon characters: if you travel the streets of Europe's major cities, you might find yourself having to give way to Momo Salah, Rick and Morty or Johnny Bravo next to Vapski's giant tag on a Renault Trafic.

@berlin_trucksCool, neat, precise, with perfectly straight horizon lines. It's not a surprise that the most disciplined profile on the list of the most messy and unruly trucks on the planet is German, more specifically Berliner. And as such, also rather hardcore. Take a trip to this page and spotting all the differences between the Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg trucks.
@truckhunterzThis page collects, or rather, hunts for the best trucks and vans exclusively from New York, meticulously researched and collected one-offs, uncovered on the streets of the city of street art par excellence. Scrolling through the posts is like getting lost in an independent and possibly unauthorised art gallery.
Graffiti is by definition a manifestation of identity and expression: the choice to put it in motion within cities gives the work a chance to break out of the static nature of a quarter wall, making it not only a means of transport, but of communication. And as you can see from the gallery, this marvellous role is most often played by a Fiat Doblò.
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