Viaggio nel tempo con Michelin

Together with Michelin, we have tried to trace a long journey through the last few decades.Whether you were born in the 80s, 90s or 2000s, it doesn’t matter, because each of us has had at least one object which we would never have wanted to be separated from.Our first car, the ‘everyday’ pair of shoes that we kept wearing even with holes in it, the VHS of the cartoon whose tape we wore out. Or even the LP of our favorite song, or the videogame that kept us glued to a chair with our eyes fixed for afternoons and afternoons.There are objects that are so iconic that they marked entire eras, unique objects, made to last like Michelin tires’ performances. Objects closely linked to our memories.Which are those objects that have marked your best moments to date?Jump on @garageitalia e scrivilo nelle stories!
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