Welcome Panda integral-e

Icon-e, our series of limited edition electrified Icons is living its third year.The Panda is now the main character of the second chapter of electric cars by Garage Italia, transforming from 4×4 to Integral-e.Thanks to a partnership with Newton Group, Garage Italia re-interprets the “Icon Status” of Panda through electrification.The Fiat Panda has always expressed its character in a very recognizable way. To celebrate our love for the first off-road city car of history Garage Italia has decided to launch an Integral-e inspired capsule collection.
Here’s a few interesting stats about Panda Integral-e:
  • Front mounted electric motor powering the front wheels
  • Rear mounted electric motor powering the rear wheels
  • Removal of the original 5 speed gearbox, driveshaft and rear differential
  • Two driving modes: ECO and SPORT
ECO mode splits the power in favor of the front wheels with with an 80% – 20% balance. SPORT mode on the other hand is a traditional 4WD scheme with equal power delivery on all 4 wheels.The donor cars used as a base for building Panda Integral-e do not conserve any of the original mechanical components.
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