Spotted 500 Jolly Icon-e Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia, contiguous to the archaeological park of Egnazia in the countryside of Savelletri, is the relais that has seduced Madonna and was the beautiful setting for the wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, just to mention a couple of names that stop by this part.
Borgo Egnazia is a magical place, a knot to Puglia that we can breathe in every single thing in here: in the tuff and other processed materials, in the project curated by the fasanese architect Pino Brescia, and in the staff who work there, 99% locals. “Nowhere Else” is a real mantra that expresses the philosophy of the Borgo in just two words (in English, ok, but immediate for anyone).
“Nowhere Else”, what this relais can offer is a full immersion in the Apulian atmospheres, far from the party frenzy that Salento offers. Here you can enjoy the ‘little’ things, which we think about are not so little and obvious: you can enjoy the friendliness of the local councilors who pamper customers in the courtyard rooms, long rides in the greenery, in the villas with dedicated swimming pools , in the small houses that peek out onto the square, the fulcrum of the activities inside the Borgo, entirely rebuilt with a watch tower.
For these and a thousand other reasons that we are not listing now, it is certain that Puglia will never go out of style. Just as we are sure that another icon will not be affected by the passage of time and the passing mode: the Fiat 500. And when the innovation of the Icon-e project by Garage Italia and the timeless charm of the Fiat 500 Jolly meet the magical atmosphere of Borgo Egnazia, a special edition of the legendary 50s spiaggina is born to pay homage to the symbol of the Apulian hospitality all over the world.
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