Welcome 500 Vintage Icon-e

Today we are going to tell you about the latest customization we made for a Portuguese customer who had already passed by us in the past. Do you remember that 595 competition with green Alcantara interiors and real ostrich leather details to cover part of the seats and the dashboard? Here, that was always his, and in case you missed it you can go and see it here.Our friend from Lisbon is back to Garage for a second car, and we say that even after a year he keeps the passion for exotic and showy leathers unchanged.
This time, however, the choice turns on a 500 Vintage, which he wants to convert it to electric, turning it into one of our 500 Icon-e. The donor car has undergone a complete restoration of the chassis and replacement of the parts subject to wear with new aftermarket components. Watch it for yourself!
Thanks to an implementation of the electric unit, we have managed to guarantee the car greater power and autonomy than a standard conversion.For the interiors, this is what we did: R-M Paint in Blue Pozzi color, installation of classic wheels with white rim, just like those mounted on one of our Jolly, darkening of the glass.
Such a sober and versatile color as Pozzi blue in the bodywork contrasts with the eccentricity of the upholstery.Complete customization with two Foglizzo leathers: Brown Suede and Cavallino with cow and stain effect. New carpet and rugs, both in Alcantara. Blue hoods tending to Blue Pozzi of the livery.
If on the one hand the car winks at vintage, the installation of a mobile phone holder, with bluetooth and USB port makes it definetly contemporary and in step with the times. On the other hand, it is in the DNA of Garage Italia to look ahead without betraying tradition, knowing how to find the right mix between vintage and technology, thanks to electric redevelopment and more.
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