Welcome Dallara Stradale “PAN LX Anniversary”

The North American F-86 “Sabre” was the first jet used by the National Aerobatic Patrol, composed of pilots from all departments of the Air Force.
This fighter aircraft, described by the Frecce Tricolori pilots as a very maneuverable aircraft, by the way it required great skill of the pilots. In 1963, following an update of the fleet, the Frecce Tricolori patrol was equipped, in replacement of the previous F-86E Sabre, with the G.91 aircraft, suitably modified, depriving them of the war equipment and equipped with smoke generator. In this configuration they acquired the official designation G.91PAN (National Acrobatic Patrol) with the characteristic blue livery enriched by three red-white-green arrows on the sides of the fuselage, inherited from Sabre.
Does it look familiar? Some of you will remember the special edition of Zonda Cinque prepared by Pagani in 2010 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori. The Zonda Tricolore was characterized by the blue livery with tricolor bands, which recalls the one of PAN’s aircrafts MB-339.
Ten years later, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the world’s largest aerobatic team – 10 aircraft, 9 of which were in formation and one soloist – we proposed to one of our customers to customize his Dallara Stradale with a livery tribute to the iconic G.91 of the National Aerobatic Patrol that remained in service until 1982.
Guess what? The car was purchased by the client on November 16, 2018, same day of Ing. Dallara’s birthday.Which version do you like the most?
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