Welcome Fiat 500 Glossy Red

The story of how we customized this red Fiat 500 is very particular. Well yes, first of all because at the beginning of the story this red Fiat 500 wasn’t even there!We got contacted by a client, an Italian who lives in the States who likes what we do. We met him at the Garage and after a couple of appointments in our showroom he is convinced. He wants us to customize a classic 500: no problem, except that he doesn’t have a 500 yet! So we assisted him in the process of purchasing a donor car, generally a used car, which will then be customized. Exactly as we do with our Jolly Icon-e, born with combustion engines that we switch to electric in their second life.
But let’s go back to us, or rather to her. The photos you see here below leave no room for interpretation: at the beginning, the car needed a massive restyling.
The car has been completely restored and repaired in the parts most subject to wear, then repainted the exterior with the color chosen by the customer, a red with a glittery component that gives it an incredible shine, doesn’t it? (R-M SR 169.50 Trasparente + Glitter PRLX PPG) .The rims, both the front and rear bumpers as well as the luggage rack, have been replaced with new aftermarket components.
Then we created the wicker box with the help of a craftsman, embellished with leather straps.Inside, the small red one has been covered with a new carpet, while the seats are in beige / camel-colored leather.The most observant people have certainly not missed the steering wheel and the gear knob in Nardi Volanti wood, perhaps the gem among the goodies. And how would you like your 500 to be? Let us know!
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