Hublot Big BangMillenial Pink

Big Bang Millennial Pink is the Hublot watch created in collaboration with Garage Italia. The model, available in a limited edition of only 200 pieces, is distinguished by its characteristic no-gender nuance that embraces the new generations. The pink expresses an inclusive and fresh approach that redefines the style.


The 42 mm case is made of light, modern satin-finished aluminium in Millennial Pink. The colour, specially designed by Garage Italia, has been achieved through anodising, a process that protects and decorates, giving the desired pastel shade together with great resistance to scratches and shocks.


Frame the QR code with your smartphone to access the Big Bang Millennial Pink experience in augmented reality.
Discover the new Big Bang Millennial Pink: zoom in and out the watch, rotate it and play with it to explore in detail.