Akira Nakai: Japan and Germany have never been closer

City of Kashiwa, Japanese countryside.Here lurks the temple of one of the most fascinating former drifters we know, master Akira-san.Mr. Akira Nakai approaches the world of cars through the back door, that of illegal racing, as the leader of a group that drives through the streets of Japanese cities with suspension at the limit of what is practicable, spacers and oversized rims and tyres.It is in fact thanks to the imagination and technical skill of this tuner that Rough Style was born.
The turning point, however, came after an encounter with a 911: the understated aesthetics, the almost infinite number of modifications and the reliable mechanics of the Porsche fulfilled the Master's radical ideas, making it a practically perfect starting point for giving free rein to his creativity.From love at first sight to the purchase of his first Carrera, the step is short and, like a great artist, he christens his first 930 Stella Artois, transforming it into a track beast.The next step can only be to open his own workshop, the RAUH-Welt Begriff, where he creates, modifies and transforms rims, stencils, paint cans, beers and memorabilia from all over the world.Here the Master chooses his customers. In fact, one cannot show up in Kashiwa and take home a RWB without first undergoing a careful selection process in which the request is analysed and the concept to be realised is developed.
At this point Akira Nakai takes full possession of his creativity, choosing the colour, the name and all the customisations required and, like a true ultimate romantic, spends hours locked in the workshop, working at all hours of the day or night, sleeping next to his creature.No retort. No discussion. No voice. No dissatisfied customers, btw. From a stylistic point of view, the reference is the 1970s Endurance world, when Porsche dominated the tracks with the 934, and it is precisely for this reason that Akira prefers the old air-cooled ones: he usually starts with an air-cooled 911, a 930 or 964, although several 993s and 996s have been reborn in this temple with a decidedly handcrafted end result in which imperfections add character and personality.We can definitely say that Maestro Nakai-san has taken one of the most beautiful cars on the planet and taken it to places no one thought possible, halfway between Stuttgart and Kashiwa.
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