AR Grab the 500 Icon-e

Hey people!How many times passing by one of those colorful glass booths full of toys, did you get an overwhelming urge to stop and spend all your savings (or those of your parents) trying to catch your favorite puppet?Well, if any of you have won something at least once in a lifetime, chapeau (we want proof though!).However, we are sure that for most of you, including us, every attempt has been a bust.
A study conducted personally shows that these hellish machines are programmed to fail 99.9% of the time.In the heat of the moment, we blamed it on bad luck, or the inability of those who tried it for us flaunting confidence. But think about it: by taking good measurements and dropping the mechanical arm perpendicular to the desired puppet, the result should be guaranteed. And instead no, for some obscure force the claws lose strength just after tightening the soft toy. Or even worse, while we are about to release the prize in the slot, the mechanical arm makes a sudden shake and… you all know the ending.To pay you back some of the dozens and dozens of defeats accumulated over the years we have created a new filter without trickery and deception. You can amortize all the capital lost in your youth and play Grab the 500 Icon-e for free anytime you want: all you need here are skills and precision.All you have to do is save the filter directly from our filter tab and send it to all your friends to start the challenge.What are you waiting for? Click HERE!Tag @garageitalia in your stories, we will reposition the best ones!
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