BMW E30: From racetracks to covers

The history of BMW automobiles is made of successes both on track and on the road. Among the German manufacturer's flagship models stands out the E30 M3, which over the years has strenghten its status of favourite of the brand’s lovers.
Launched in the 1980s, BMW's car is the third edition of the 3rd series, promising remarkable performances right away: The engine's 200 hp propels the 1,200kg body to a top speed of 235 km/h, which generates a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just under 6.7 seconds. The 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine specially designed to adapt it for comfortable off-track use along with the 16V cylinder head completes the specifications of BMW's signature gem. The racy E30 M3 has almost square lines that still allow for good aerodynamics thanks to the spoiler at the rear of the car that collects air channeled by the specially designed roof.
The low stance and bulky fenders give the track version of BMW's jewel an aggressive look that does not, however, neglect elegance. The first public presentation for the M3 came in 1985 at Frankfurt Motor Show, and the response was clear: everyone wanted to get their hands on BMW's new car, but problems with an underperforming exhaust system pushed the release of the first models (sold at 58000 marks) to 1987.Despite production hiccups, the BMW E30 M3 remains a timeless icon of the automotive industry and is still enjoyed today by many prominent figures in the music scene.
Mac Miller chose to feature a 315 on the cover and video of "Dang!" just as Frank Ocean did on his debut mixtape "Nostalgia, ultra."LE$ appears aboard his 325 on the cover of "E30" album dedicated to the car that boasts, among others, a feat with Freddie Gibbs.
Travis Scott goes one step further by collaborating with West Coast Customs on his own version of the E30 M3 to celebrate "Jackboys." The set of rally headlights and new wheels add to the look of the car graced with a light blue paint contrasting with Cactus Jack's signature brown details.Among the artists who have chosen to use a BMW E30 for music videos Roddy Ricch is the one who has caused the most discussion. In the video for "Real Talk," the U.S. rapper is seen sitting on the hood of a sleek black M3 on several occasions.The car, owned by a well-known collector, sustained several damages to the bodywork as a result of the filming in the desert.
More than 40 years after its debut, the E30 continues to reconfirm itself among the classic icons of BMW's house while also being able to count on its influence on the international music scene. Artists who still choose to use or, even, customize a 3-series continue to bring back to life this legendary model that seems destined to remain a symbol of BMW's 1980s-90s decades forever.
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