Bonacina: story of an Italian excellence

What we are telling you today is the story of an Italian excellence that began in the late 1800 in a small village in the province of Como named Lurago d'Erba. It was here that Giovanni Bonacina founded his company, soon expanding its production to include armchairs, lounges and furnishing accessories.
His success was immediate, with important orders such as the supply for the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, to continue with the furnishing of patrician villas in the 1940s. Later on, Vittorio Bonacina, who had worked alongside his father Giovanni over the years, has been commissioned by Franco Albini for the design of two armchairs. This was the first step in a fruitful friendship with him and other great Italian architects and designers of the last century, which made Bonacina the best Italian furniture company in rattan and rattan core.
With Mario then, Vittorio's son, designer with a strong managerial attitude, the company took a further step forward by reinterpreting some historical pieces in a contemporary key, always going beyond the intrinsic qualities of the raw material used. Thus was born the collaboration with the latest generation of designers such as Bettoni, Colombo, Cananzi and Marco Zanuso jr to name but a few, and the decision to combine wood and metal with rattan and rattan core.We reach the fourth generation when in 2012 Elia Bonacina, joins the company alongside his father Mario. Confident of his studies in the artistic field and a solid vocation for international finance, Elia pushes the company towards the acquisition of Pierantonio Bonacina a brand founded by another branch of the family.
The company, remaining faithful to the natural materials that have most marked its history, opens up to the world of outdoor furniture thanks to the know-how transmitted by the recent acquisition.Bonacina also stands out for its great work in raising customer awareness towards natural furniture choice. Constant research and experimentation on a single material strengthen the identity and consolidate the positioning of a brand that now is a world leader in the field of furniture in rattan and rattan core.
Today, as in the past, each piece is handmade by specialised artisans who, with care and experience, curve the reed, weave and interweave the rattan and other latest-generation outdoor materials, giving shape to the projects of international architects and designers.Why did we decide to tell you this beautiful story? It will soon become clear to you, you just have to follow us on our Instagram profile.
Images kindly provided by Bonacina.Credits: WhiteBox Studio, Filippo Ferrarese, Filippo Torra, Davide Gallizio.
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