Cars and bodies

Bodies with no way out inside cars.
A trio of French artists have created a photo project in which they cram people into different vehicles and set it all in various locations around Los Angeles, a city known for its heavy reliance on cars, very few pedestrians and lack of reliable public transport.Conceived by Romain Dussaulx, Yann Rabanier e Thomas Cestia, Cars and Bodies explores the themes of culture, sociology, and transportation. The three men managed to persuade 120 friends to participate in the peculiar project which involved packing themselves sardine-like into vehicles in the middle of a sweltering California summer.
Each of the shots pays tribute to the neighborhoods in which the photograph was taken. For example in Venice Beach, basketball players spill out of a minuscule vintage Fiat 500, in reference to the neighborhood’s famous local basketball courts. In another shot, migrant workers fill a white van parked in front of an immaculate lawn in Beverley Hills.

Cars and Bodies also offers a critique of the infamously absurd car culture in LA, a city in which almost everyone drives, for the most part alone.
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