CGGI: Beach Buggies Off the Wall

There is no other brand that screams “So-Cal free spirit” more than Vans. Sadly last week, Co-Founder Paul Van Doren left us. We are not going to list the amazing things he did in his career, that’s already common knowledge.We are here to pay tribute to his iconic products and more specifically, the Slip On. We decided to choose the Meyers Manx beach buggy because as much as the Vans model is one of those things that just ask to be customized.
The color palette is comprehensive of the iconic checkered pattern against block colored interiors and wheels. We decided to go for a traditional beach buggy look, therefore, we opted for a set of Fuchs wheels, a Momo prototipo steering wheel, a Porsche Rev Counter and leather upholstered bucket seats.Our favorite touch have to be the Waffle Sole inspired dashboard and mats.
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