Datsun 240Z and Isidoro Tanaka – The Barnfind

Instead of the usual New Year’s wishes, this time we have something special for you: one of those feel good stories that only happen during Christmas time… and this year we need one more than ever. What follows was inspired by true events. Everybody please welcome our new friend @isidoro_tanaka. Isidoro contacted us not long ago via DM with a story that is too good not to share. He kindly agree to let everybody in, so we documented each step of it. Everybody ready? Ok let’s go.
Isidoro is Italian by mother and ‘Hāfu’ (half Japanese – half American) by father. He grew up in Italy after his father left the family when he was just a kid. He spent many years thinking that was the end of it. until one day he got a letter which led to a shipping container. In it, he found his father’s most prized possessions and some beautiful revelations.
Well, among the many objects one stood out: it was a banged up Datsun 240Z. Paint scratched, half running but you could tell it was loved. This is the story of how that car comes back to life, the story of the Tanaka Flying Tigers and ultimately the story of how Isidoro made peace with his past.

Enjoy it!
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