Today we reveal the first renders of our Restomod project based on Datsun 240Z.As you can see, the color of the exterior is a Rosso Cordoba MET – one of the official Ferrari colors – that is well suited to dress a car of that era and at the same time winks to the Italian soul of Isidoro. Both he and we are convinced that it is the right color for the car’s new look, perfectly consistent with a 70s aesthetic. Rosso Cordoba represents the desire of the customer/us to respect and not distort the identity of the donor car belonged to Isidoro’s father that we are using as a basis for the non-conservative restoration.As for the interior, we have included in the mock-up of the Daytona model seats in Connolly heritage leather, premium material much more suitable to replace the riot of vinyl that covered the original cars.Instead of carpeting, a coconut fiber mat will be used on the ground, chosen to recall some elements of oriental interior design, carved in the memory of Isidoro in the years of his childhood in Japan between futon and tatami.What do you think, are you as excited as we are?Or is there something you’d like to change? Run to see the latest IG stories on @garageitalia profile and tell us your thoughts!
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