Finally, the restomod of the Datsun 240Z starts to take the shape we imagined and we can’t wait to show you the current state of the art.Let’s recap quickly: after a first phase of disassembly, restoration and replacement of damaged parts of the donor car, we moved on to the restoration of the bodywork and then to the painting room. There we say her goodbye, like a mother bringing her little girl to school.A few weeks later, we paid a visit to our production team to take the shots you’re looking at. You know, the workshop is that wonderful microcosm governed by the mechanics, who have a very personal idea of “order”, in which almost only they find themselves, and that’s fair! So, now imagine the happiness in their eyes when we arrive: “move this one”, “put away this one”, let’s place this here for a moment, that one we’ll leave there instead, it’s fine. It’s almost like playing Cops & Robbers, isn’t it? That’s also part of the game.
As we told you last time when we showed you the renderings, the exterior color chosen is a Rosso Cordoba MET – one of the official Ferrari colors – which is well suited to dress a car of the ’70s, and at the same time winks at the Italian soul of its future owner.And here we are, what do you think? Oh, soon we’ll put in the new engine, so be on the lookout for the next steps!
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