DD: MG Twin Cam

MODELLO: MG Twin CamANNO: 1959COLORE: Rosso “relativo”
You can smell the scent of summer in the air and here it is, punctual as every year, the studio is filled with spiders and convertibles that need to be brought out of winter hibernation. And what is better than a good detailing to prepare your car for the summer season? Absolutely nothing.This red MG Twin Cam arrives to me bursting, I don’t know the exact red so I give it a little nickname: its a relative red, because I immediately notice that some details have been repainted over time, after all it’s a 60 years old car so it’s normal! If not, it would be a unique example in the world! So long live the touch-ups and long live this imperceptible camouflage of reds.
Day 1The analysis is quick because the car is small and the interior is without a soft top so it’s easy to being inspected.The key will be to focus on the myriad of small details scattered along the hood and the restoration of a somewhat suffering cockpit, because obviously being without a roof is constantly exposed to tons of dust.I start washing the car, which is not very dirty, so warm water, steamer and a myriad of small and delicate microfibers. A warning to owners of such cars: if you are offered a pressure washer wash, walk away and call the police… or the nearest psychiatric hospital.
Day 2Already with the cleaning of the previous day it has taken a nice red color, but it is full of small scratches here and there. I proceed to the restoration and polishing work, and the thicknesses give me confidence: the car has an average thickness of 350 microns when a normal car is between 100 and 150.I polish, refine and immediately wax the spots on which I intervene, and at the end of the afternoon I take a relatively small polisher, soft pad and off I go to homogenize the complete vision of the body. Light as a dragonfly in a meadow.Because the bottom is uneven and the surface has cracks due to age, so any invasive polishing with heavy polishers is strictly prohibited!
Day 3Today I dedicate myself to manually polishing all the chrome metal parts.Brush, microfiber and cotton for the chrome decontamination mission.I finish up devoting myself to the exteriors with lubrication of every single exposed gasket and rubber.Foam wash and light pressing with coconut oil. J’adore.I move on to the interior. I remove the seats that have a fixed backrest but a totally removable seat.I suck like there’s no tomorrow, I spend more than an hour for the suction alone, every single inch is sucked into my vacuuming madness!
Chapter leather: the car is 60 years old and can hardly be defined as pigmented, aniline or semi-aniline leather anymore; it is now one with the furniture, with a thousand colors faded by rain and sun.It must be treated with care and skill; to be effective and create a little protection, I decided to wash it with an emulsion of my own invention and grease it with stable restoration grease.Nothing more for this fragile creature because with vintage car sas you know, “Less is More”.
That’s All Folks!XOXO Marci
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